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Working Procedure

A) Factory Audit –Prerequisite for Successful Sourcing

Selecting the right vendor is one of the most important preconditions for successful sourcing. Factory audit helps to verify a manufacturers ability to comply with contractual terms in respect of quality , quantity and delivery . Its assessment procedures can be tailored to the customer‘s need and requirements .
The number of countries where consumer goods are manufactured in increasing in line with the accelerating pace of trade globalization . To select the right global supplier , we need an on side presence to monitor the production process. In additional to production capacity , many others aspect have to be taken into consideration –

Increase confidence that the manufacturer can reliably meet
Requirements regarding quality , quantity and terms of delivery
Reduction in import risks
No need for customer on-site presence

B) OEM development – Prerequisite for successful product development.

Product design should be based on the latest technological advances , incorporating current national and international norms and standards. With our experience and engineering background to assist you in realizing your development .

TLI can offer
First prototype production
Technical documentation
Evaluation of standards
Establishment of production and quality criteria
Technology transfer to the supplier of pattern correction
CAD design service

C) During production Check – Confirm product compliance during production.

The during production check ( DUPRO) is a visual inspection of products as available during production . The during production check is offered in combination with the final random inspection and other ongoing production checks such as the initial production check . The execution of the purchase order is also monitored closely as part of these multi-stage inspection . The resultant interim reports keep you informed about production progress in relation to the terms of delivery .
The production process must be monitored
on-site if risks of substandard quality are to
be reduced and other aspect of contractual
obligation satisfied . The earlier any possible
errors in execution are detected , the more
likely that timely corrective action can be initiated


Reduction of final random inspection failure risk
Identification of possible delays
Take corrective action before production is finished
No need for the client to be on –the-spot
Tailor- made to your requirements.

D)Final Random Inspection – Check & Sampling

The Final Random Inspection is the detailed visual inspection of goods before shipment as per buyer AQL . It is generally conducted on the manufacturer premises , using samples selected in accordance with defined sampling procedures . The inspection criteria covering quality , quantity , marking and packing are based on specification and reference samples provided by the customer. When the final Random inspection has been completed , a detailed inspection report is sent to the customer and the inspection certificate is issued to the supplier if all the findings are positive
As trade globalization gains peace , sourcing from far way countries and new supplier increase , under these conditions, monitoring the production process required on –the-spot presence to reduce the risk of substandard quality , discrepancies , shipment delays and other contraventions against purchase order requirements –

-can meet the quality standard of worlds renowned institute
-Tailored to your needs
-Reduction in import risk
-Improved management and control of overseas sourcing
-no need for the customers on-site presence
-crosslink international inspection certified issued.

E) Loading Supervision Last check before shipment.

Loading Supervision involves – as required – checking the condition of the container , identifying the loaded packing units with the consignment inspected previously ,tallying the total number of packing units to be shipped and sealing the container. Loading supervision is offered in combination with the final random inspection .
In particular cases , it may be appropriate to witness the loading of the container in order to verify the identification and quantity of the consignment in question –

Tailored to your needs
Reduction Import risks
No need for the customer on-site presence
Follow up the ETA and ETD date with freight forwarder

F) Testing Coordination – Prerequisite for successful product development.

Do you want to make sure that the product which you purchase is up to contractual specifications as well as the legal requirements of the importing country ? The test report gives you the details of every points where the product pass or fail , together with a summary . This simple tool enables you to communicate with your supplier without having to be a qualified engineer.

These tests are conducted to asses their conformity with mandatory requirements . Tests include ISO , BV, SGS and Oeko-Tex standards

Packaging and paper
Various test are conducted in accordance with the ISO , ASRM, TAPPI , NSTA, BS and JIS standard

Environmental and Chemical
These tests are conducted to assess conformity with environmental and chemical requirements . These days, with ecological concerns growing all the time , consumers want goods that are free of toxic or cancer causing content such as PAH , cadmium etc .


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